Ferrari Announces A New Red Called Rosso Giudecca For Its Interiors


With a new shade available for its interiors, Ferrari continues to paint the automotive world red.

The sight of a powerful red car is virtually synonymous with the history, legacy, and legend of Ferrari and its incredibly fast, fun, and luxurious models that wear the color with honor. With the color red being such an integral part of the Ferrari brand for so long, it seems impossible for the brand to come up with new and different shades of it to feature in their cars, and yet it has. Rosso Giudecca, a new shade of red, is now the ninth shade available for Ferrari’s interior leathers, and it’s available as part of the Special Equipment personalization program.

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The color is a new alternative to Ferrari’s other available reds, and this new Rosso Giudecca is said to be “reminiscent of the sun setting over the sea in Venice,” where the dramatic sky interacts with the water and the stained glass of the buildings to create a stunning palette of colors. Ferrari shows it here set against a beautiful white Ferrari SF90 Spider, where it displays its true Ferrari personality as the hallmark of speed, luxury, and exhilaration, as any true Ferrari red does.

Source: Ferrari