Ferrari Enjoys A Strong Q2 2022 And Looks Forward To An Even Brighter Future


Ferrari is strong in every aspect, but especially business.

It’s one of the most powerful and recognizable brands in the world, and Ferrari’s success in the first half of this year proves that. Deliveries, revenues, and income are all improved in this period as compared to the same period last year, and with the production of new models coming soon, the future is bright for the rest of the year.

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Deliveries increased by nearly 29 percent compared to the same quarter last year at 3,455 units. Revenues reached nearly 1.3 billion euros, eclipsing last year’s number by nearly 25 percent, and EBITDA followed suit with a 15.5 percent increase compared to last year, with a margin of 34.6 percent that is in line for the target for the year. Despite the discontinuation of the Monza models, Ferrari’s rich product mix offset its loss with increased deliveries and income. The Portofino M and F8 were credited with increasing shipments during the quarter, while the first deliveries of the 296 GTB and an increase in shipments of the 812 Competizione.

During the quarter, Ferrari introduced the 296 GTS, giving its new V6-powered supercar a thrilling new top-down experience, the SP48 Unica one-off, the first Cavalcade Icona event, and more recently, Ferrari introduced the 296 GT3 race car, which is slated to take on the GT3 category and succeed the 488 GT3. For the rest of the year, Ferrari continues to have big plans for success as the Daytona SP3 and Ferrari’s first SUV, the Purosangue, are slated to begin production by the end of this year, with deliveries set to commence in 2023.

Source: Ferrari