The All-New Exclusive NOVITEC Range For The Ferrari Portifino M


It allows making the sporty and elegant appearance of the drop-top 2+2 seater even more thrilling with tailor-made NOVITEC upgrades.

Establishing its dominance as one of the most well-known supercar manufacturers in the automotive world, the Ferrari brand prides itself on incorporating the perfect blend of design, performance, and technology into its lineup of exclusive vehicles. Although each prancing horse leaves Maranello, Italy perfectly fit from the factory, owners enhance styling and performance aspects with high-end aftermarket components from industry-leading companies. The modification professionals at NOVITEC specialize in fitting factory Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, and Tesla models with aftermarket upgrades, completely reimagining the look and feel of each vehicle. NOVITEC is proud to announce its new refinement range for the Ferrari Portofino M, the latest generation front-engined sports car from the Italian manufacturer. The letter “M” stands for “Modificata” and distinguishes the facelift version of the Ferrari Portofino, naturally making it the ideal donor for the creative gear heads at NOVITEC.

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Starting at the exterior of the Portofino M, NOVITEC enhances Ferrari’s elegant and sporty look with naked-carbon components that shed weight while adding to its aerodynamics. Subtle aesthetic highlights accentuate its elongated body by replacing side panels, mirror covers, rear spoiler lip, hood vent covers, and front inlets with motorsport-inspired designs. Along with presenting a new head-turning look, NOVITEC achieves its ultra-aggressive appearance with sport suspension setups that lower the Portofino M’s ride height while improving overall handling. Three new high-tech lightweight forged wheel configurations are offered, measuring at a larger 21/22-inch size than original factory specs. With an all-new look, the Ferrari Portofino M can generate more power with various performance and exhaust upgrades. NOVITEC engine tuning allows up to a maximum output of 704 horsepower and 651 foot-pounds of torque, while completely changing the tone of Ferrari’s 3.9-Liter Twin-Turbocharged V8. It enables the tuned Portofino M to sprint from 0-60mph in just 3.15 seconds and reaches a top speed of 202mph. NOVITEC also fulfills even the most unusual requests of its clientele regarding cockpit design. View all current Ferrari Portofino inventory for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking on the link below for more information. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more upcoming luxury lifestyle and supercar news.