Ferrari Teases The Development Of Its LMH Race Car In A New Video


Ferrari continues to build anticipation as the clock ticks toward one of the most important moments in its long racing history.

Le Mans is one of the most important venues in the world of motorsport, and Ferrari is one of its most important participants. However, years of domination in top-class endurance racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans came to an end in 1973 after a disappointing finish. However, Ferrari has decided to make an epic return to the top-class of Le Mans after 50 years of being away with the announcement of a new Le Mans Hypercar, built by Ferrari from the ground up.

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Less than a year remains until the race, which is already going to be one of the most dramatic 24 Hours of Le Mans races yet, and Ferrari, having developed the car itself, is under quite a bit of pressure to make this return worth the half-century wait. As this video shows, Ferrari, as we’ve come to expect, is delivering, with the car blasting through the Fiorano track. While the car is still in camouflage, it will need to reveal itself soon as each day means less time in the months that separate Ferrari from the track that it’s waited 50 years to take on at the top class again.

Source: YouTube/Ferrari