Ferrari’s F1 Clienti and XX Racing Program Come To Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya


A stampede of the Prancing Horse’s greatest racing machines comes to Spain.

Some of Ferrari’s greatest creations are its track-only cars. Without having to consider street use, the engineers are able to go all-out when it comes to performance and create cars that can only be described as formidable when it comes to power, speed, and ability to dominate corners and straights alike. Whether it’s any of the numerous customer racing models that Ferrari has released over the years, or the retired cars from Ferrari’s world-famous Formula 1 team that are sold to clients who can then race them with the brand, Ferrari’s F1 Clienti and XX Program make for the most incredible of track days, and this season comes to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for its 7th round, from August 31 to September 1.

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As part of the events, the F2008 F1 car driven by Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa is making a special return to the track, wherein the 2008 F1 season the car achieved a one-two finish on the track, with Raikkonen setting pole and the Grand Prix’s fastest lap. Also at the event will be Fernando Alonso’s 2011 Ferrari F150. Nearly 30 Ferrari race cars will be participating in the XX Program activities, with the FXX-K Evo being the most popular of the bunch. 12 of the 1,050-horsepower, V12-powered machines will be there, along with 7 FXX Evos, 6 599X Evos, 2 FXX-Ks, as well as 2 599XX cars on the track. Track days are always an amazing time, whether to watch or participate in, and an all-Ferrari track day is even better.

Source: Ferrari