Ferrari Reveals The Engine Note Of The New Purosangue SUV


The reveal of the Ferrari Purosangue is so close, that we can hear it coming.

Like many brands of a similar caliber, Ferrari is cautious with what it does and prefers to stick to tradition and the tried and true way of doing things rather than immediately hopping on trends. However, it seems that the Italian luxury automaker has finally decided to participate in one of the most captivating automotive trends of the moment that is currently taking the entire automotive industry by storm with a combination of world-class luxury, performance, and practicality. With its first SUV, Ferrari is finally entering the highly competitive ring of luxury performance SUVs, and it’s going to be great as any new addition to Ferrari’s portfolio is.

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Now, Ferrari has announced that more regarding the new Purosangue will be revealed on September 13. With a week remaining until the unveiling of the new car, Ferrari has let us listen to the engine note of the new SUV. With the engine being the subject of much speculation, especially as the V12 falls out of favor for many brands in light of growing environmental concerns, it has been hotly debated in the months leading up to the Purosangue’s reveal as to whether or not a V12 engine will be under the hood. This new engine note certainly adds another piece to the puzzle, but where there’s no doubt or question is in the fact that the Purosangue will be an iconic entry into Ferrari’s portfolio. For many brands, and especially those focused on performance cars, SUVs have been the highest-selling models, but Ferrari will differ from its peers by making the Purosangue exclusive, similar to its performance cars and supercars.

Source: Instagram/Ferrari