Ferrari Releases A New Teaser For The Purosangue SUV


Ferrari takes the name “Purosangue” very seriously.

With only a day remaining until the unveiling of the new Ferrari Purosangue, the brand’s first SUV, Ferrari has released another teaser to continue building the anticipation for the launch. While the SUV is a significant departure for the brand, known for decades for its race cars, stunning Italian sports cars, and supercars, the Purosangue is very much a Ferrari at heart, with its name literally translating to “pure blood” in Italian. With this teaser, Ferrari has confirmed an important aspect of the new Purosangue that proves just how pure-blooded it is as a Ferrari, and it’s an aspect that few new cars in the entire automotive world share: a V12 engine.

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While there has been little doubt that the Ferrari Purosangue would come with a V12 engine, especially with Ferrari revealing the engine note of the new SUV recently, Ferrari has said itself that the Ferrari Purosangue will enter the world as part of a dying breed of V12-powered cars. On top of that, even in the luxury performance SUV world, the V12 engine sets the Ferrari Purosangue apart from its peers and makes it as unique and special as a Ferrari should be. With one day remaining until the reveal of the new Ferrari Purosangue, we know it will be a new chapter in Ferrari’s history, but a Ferrari just as much as all the others.

Source: Instagram/Ferrari