Ferrari Announces Le Mans Hypercar Reveal Date


A great way to end the month.

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve had any substantial news regarding Ferrari’s upcoming Le Mans Hypercar (LMH), but that’s coming to an end. During an interview with, Ferrari’s Antonello Coletta divulged some juicy details regarding the new race car.

Coletta noted that the LMH has already put in 6,213 miles of testing and that the team takes it to track every 10 days so that the fine-tuning will be in place for the 2023 WEC season opener in March. Regarding who will be driving the race car, that news will come later in the year after its debut, which brings up another point.

According to, the new Ferrari hypercar will be revealed on October 30 during the final day of the Ferrari World Finals at Imola. That means we only have a couple of weeks left of speculation and renders until we see the final design for the race car.

“The car is very complicated because we have chosen the Hypercar [LMH rules], while the LMDh regulations call for a slightly simpler car,” Coletta said during the interview. “This choice brings with it some non-trivial complications to solve. That’s why I say that the more we drive, the better.”

Be sure to check back with us on that day to see the car for yourself and read all about its specifications.