Amalgam Collection Unveils Its 1:4 Scale Ferrari 250 GTO Hammered Aluminum Body Sculpture


This 250 GTO body replica is the first in a series of bodies that Amalgam will produce. 

While there have been plenty of legendary supercars created throughout Ferrari’s history, none seem to make the same significant impact as the Ferrari 250 GTO. Viewed as one of the rarest examples in the automotive world, the Ferrari GTO now sells for staggering eight-figure prices among passionate collectors around the world. Celebrating a time when Ferrari began hand-hammering elongated aluminum bodies, Amalgam is proud to announce its new 1:4 scale Ferrari 250 GTO Hammered Aluminum Body Sculpture.

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The body replica of the Ferrari 250 GTO is machined using extremely accurate factory data, gathered from digital scans of several significant 250 GTOs Amalgam has modeled over the years. Each piece is forged from an aluminum sheet using a traditional panel-beating method. The procedure mirrors the exact process of the original full-size bodies created by Carozzerie Scaglietti in the early 1960s. Showcasing Ferrari’s quintessential supercar in its most raw form, the 1:4 scale 250 GTO is proudly displayed on a walnut wood trestle. While the new Ferrari 250 GTO Shell is still in the developmental stage, shop all of Amalgam’s current collectibles by clicking on the link below.

Source: Amalgam