Ferrari Celebrates 30 Years In China With A New Tailor Made Roma


The 30th anniversary of Ferrari’s presence in China is celebrated with something timeless.

There’s no debate as to whether or not Ferrari makes beautiful cars. Having spent decades making some of the most desirable cars ever made, Ferrari has earned a reputation as one of the most important names in the entire automotive industry. However, when it comes to beauty, style, and luxury, Ferrari’s Tailor Made program takes everything to the next level, and this new Ferrari Roma, designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ferrari’s presence in China, does exactly that and more.

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In the past, other stunning, rare, and bespoke Ferraris have been created to celebrate the presence of the Prancing Horse brand in the country, and this new Ferrari Roma is the latest in that series. For this car, Ferrari collaborated with Chinese artist Jiang Oiong’er to create a design inspired by Chinese art and culture. The result is the already-beautiful Ferrari Roma, finished in a custom matte silver color called “Sanusilver” with a stripe finished in “Rosso Magma Glossy,” a color scheme inspired by Ming Dynasty furniture. In addition, the gold dedication plate in the interior is decorated with jade, symbolic in Chinese culture. Accompanying the car is a lifestyle set, with aroma diffusers, a custom tea set, a cigar box, paper kites, cashmere blankets, and a Chinese checkers set in agate and leather. With stunning craftsmanship, and beautiful, meaningful design, this Tailor Made Ferrari Roma celebrates three decades of Ferrari’s automotive excellence in China, and rings in a long future of the same.

Source: Ferrari